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Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide

  1. Privilege is the other side of oppression.
  2. We need to understand privilege in the context of power systems.

  3. Privileges and oppressions affect each other, but they don’t negate each other.

  4. Privilege describes what everyone should experience.

  5. Privilege doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard.

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My thoughts exactly on men.

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What I like about the sex scenes in HTGAWM is that they aren’t framed as like “oh we’re showing two non-hetero ppl who are IN LOVE having sex to show that they’re just like you and they just want love and to connect and make love”

Nahh they’re framed like “you’re sexy, I’m sexy, we both consent, so let’s do the sex”

BAM that’s it.

No catering to the masses or pandering to the so-called open liberal minded ppl who would actually prefer for non-heterosexual ppl to keep it behind closed doors

now let’s hope we get to see 2 non-hetero ppl of color TOGETHER!


Anne Lamott, from Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life 

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